About Social Art

Established in May 2014 by local artist Rachael Rector, Social Art was the first of it's kind to the Kitchener Waterloo area, and has now spread to the Hamilton area as well.  

We believe that each person has artistic ability which can be brought out in a fun, relaxing atmosphere which we seek to create at each and every Social Art event.  We offer public events in our Kitchener studio as well as in select local venues such as restaurants and breweries.  We are also happy to provide exceptional private events, which can take place in our studio, local venue or in your home.  For more info, contact us at lisa@socialart.ca.

Our instructors:

Lisa is the new owner of Social Art as of January 2017. As a child, Lisa loved drawing and all things crafty. As an adult, she dove into art in a different way by pursuing makeup artistry, both in beauty makeup and theatrical/special effects makeup.  She traded in the makeup brushes for paint brushes when she discovered Social Art. She quickly became addicted to the feeling of holding a paint brush and the fulfillment of creating something beautiful on canvas. As the owner, Lisa is excited to continue on the amazing service Social Art has always been known for.  She loves more than anything, how this business brings people together in a new and exciting way, and how art can have the ability to encourage relationships, self-confidence, laughter and even healing.  

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Stephanie has always immersed herself in the arts. She has had a passion for art since childhood and carried it throughout her life. From drawing her own pictures in the backs of colouring books as a child, taking painting lessons at the young age of 11, to taking any and every art related class in high school. Even searching for that perfect career as an adult where she could utilize her passion and talent. She is a proud mother of two fantastic little boys and has spent the last few years focusing on family.When the opportunity to work for Social Art came to her she couldn't have been happier or more excited. She looks forward to sharing her talent with others, getting back into painting herself, and helping Social Art customers find their inner artist! 


Tricia is an artist who has been painting for over 15 years.  She loves to create and has spent countless hours with her brush in front of the canvas. She pretty much will paint almost anything, including her three children!  She has been an instructor with Social Art for over 2 years and loves to encourage and teach people. Her passion is to help people discover the creativity that lies within them. She has a love for illustrating and writing and along with her husband has written and illustrated a children’s book.  It’s very rare to find Tricia without paint on her.  She looks forward to doing more paintings at Social Art. 




Katie is our instructor for the Hamilton/Burlington area. She's been involved in art since childhood, and still has a file of her old paintings and drawings to show for it! As the oldest child in a large family, she's spent a lot of time helping her siblings learn to paint! After years of learning art in groups, Katie is ready to share that same experience with a broader audience. She loves being there to support someone else's growth, and her dream is to help others see the beauty and potential in making their own art. Katie's favorite aspect of this business is the conversations that happen and the new connections that are created!



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