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Visual Art- Beauty in the Broken

A Scooter for Kayla

First off, let me start by saying step throat is a nasty thing. Step throat with a side of the flu is nastier still!  Hence my lack of blogging recently.

Second, this post is about a painting in mid-production. So don't freak on me and remind me that my planters in the painting look like blobs of green!  My daughter already reminded me... Several times in fact.

A friend of mine asked me to paint something for her daughter's bedroom. Her daughter has a wild imagination with an incredible amount of brains. That being said, I knew I couldn't paint Dora the Explorer and satisfy her. Not that it would have satisfied me even. This girl can name constellations and any star almost by sight. She also happens to love all things Paris and dreams of one day traveling there and eating at a café. So I'm working on a painting that will hopefully give wings to her imagination and take her to this café all in the comfort of her own bedroom!

"Paris is always a good idea"

- Audrey Hepburn

The only problem is that I'm just not feeling this one! Clearly the cobblestone isn't finished and the scooter, oh and the Eiffel tower will be in the background of course. But otherwise I'm feeling unsatisfied with the general feeling. I had to stick with this sort of colour scheme because of her request to use the yellow and purple color in her room.

Here are a couple up close shots of different parts of the painting:


Any tips, thoughts, suggestions?

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