Rachael Rector

Visual Art- Beauty in the Broken

Where I work

My studio is my home. What better place to create, than the place where I am most me? Seeing as I am a wife, mother, friend, hostess, daughter, sister etc... Why shouldn't my place to create be the same place where I set the table for dinner every night?

Why shouldn't it be in the same room where I dance with my husband and children? Why shouldn't it be where I serve turkey dinner to family or open Christmas presents on Christmas morning (yes, it's a small home).

Surrounded by things of incredible emotional value and inspiration, like my red cabinet that my husband got me for Christmas to hold all my paint tools, or the easel which he made for me. Or the flowers on the table from a friend or a wooden crate from my mom. My name tag from my first art show.  A cheque stub from a commission (yes money does inspire me).  Notes from my daughter telling me I'm a 'good painter'.

My home is where I paint. And I love it.

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